Welcome to the homepage of the Bull Gang Tactical Weapons Team made up of weekend tactical weapon shooters. We are family oriented and typically get together Saturdays for practice. Our day-time jobs span management, steel production, finance, information technologies, and just about anything else you can imagine. Our shooting club started with a few steel mill workers in Fairfield, AL.

We compete at shooting matches throughout the southeast and practice at different shooting facilities. We call our home the Pleasant Grove FOP range in Pleasant Grove, AL. To join in at a practice contact us through this website and we will be glad to have you along. We have our own gunsmiths and self proclaimed gurus. We shoot with some of the worlds finest tactical rifle shooters.

Primarily, we shoot AR15 – .223 caliber. We do have some .308 caliber AR10 shooters and a couple people compete in 3 gun multi-gun competitions; made up of pistol, shotgun, and tactical rifle.

We are Alabama’s Tactical Rifle Team, or at least the first on the internet we can find. Tactical rifle competitions are practical shooting events designed around potential real situations. The competitions are in a controlled environment using dummy targets. As with any sport, competitive tactical rifle shooting is safe and not without potential hazard. The BGM takes every precaution possible to ensure safety as we use live ammunition for practice and competition.

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