Let Freedom Ring

Sep 20 2009

Let Freedom Ring –  We Are Listed on Firearm Sites

From the homepage of Fire Arm Sites:

Firearm Sites

Firearm Sites is a new online firearm related business directory. It is free for businesses to list their information on this site all that it requires is a link back to this site from their own. We intend to be the largest most user friendly online link directory on the net.

Even if a dealer, gunsmith or gun club does not have a website they will be able to make their listing on FirearmSites.com completely free as well without the reciprocal hyperlink back to this site. For more information please visit out FAQ page.

Why free?
First we are ourselves Second Amendment supporters, and we try to do everything we can to help out our fellow enthusiasts. Second is we hope to get funding from our banner ads. Firearms related companies are strongly encouraged to advertise. Our advertising prices are very competitive click on Advertise above for more details.

We also do have paid listing subscriptions that do not require a reciprocal link for those sites that do not have the ability to put other links on their site or simply do not want other links on their site. The fees for these are minimal.

Firearm Sites also has a special subscription that includes a 468×60 banner ad with your listing to rotate on the site and above your listing for a discounted price in comparison to our advertising fees.

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BGM Goes Twitter

Apr 15 2009

If you have watched the news in the past few months you have undoubtedly heard about Twitter.  Well if you haven’t then you most likely have been hiding under a rock.  In case you don’t know what it is check out Tweeter Net for a quick and dirty explaination.

You can Follow BGM Updateson Twitter too.

A couple of our members have accounts:

Bullet Boy
Billy the Kid

If you have a Twitter Account add us as friend or leave us a comment!

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Happy Birthday Bull Gang Tactical Weapons Team

Mar 09 2009

Today is the first anniversary of Bull Gang Tactical Weapons team online. The domain was purchased on March 9th 2008.

Happy Birthday to the BGM.

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